14 Motives Why Cape Town is a “Must See” City

Although I live and work in Cape Town, I have travelled extensively throughout the world, but can honestly say, it is one of the most beautiful Cities on the globe. There is so much to do and see here, unusual and different from anywhere else, which is why it attracts millions of visitors every year coming for Fun, Business or Romance – even a perfect Honeymoon destination. Here are some of the reasons you should definitely add Cape Town to your dream destination list. 14 Motives to justify why you need at least a two-week stay.

  1. The Extraordinary Scenery – Cape Town’s natural beauty is truly exquisite! A City flanked by a majestic mountain and yet on the coast.
  2. A place where two great Oceans meet (the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.)
  3. The favourable Exchange rate against the USA, UK and European Currencies.
  4. The great Homegrown Wines! A visit to the Winelands and the Winefarms in Franschoek and Stellenbosch is also exhilarating, with wonderful Restaurants and quaint old buildings in the Dutch and French heritage villages.
  5. The majestic Table Mountain– see the notorious flat-topped mountain and the host of flora on its summit.

    The classic front view!

    The classic front view! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  6. Game Reserves where one can view the Big 5 are only a couple of hours drive away.
  7. Unusual Activities such as diving with Great White Sharks, swimming with Penguins at Boulders Beach, Surfing, Mountain Climbing, Paragliding, and much more, and now Painting Holidays offered at AfriCabana Guesthouse for Art lovers.
  8. Beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with all the indigenous species of Protea, surrounded by the back of the table Mountain.
  9. Great Art and Culture to discover.
  10. History of South Africa’s torn past with Township tours and a boat ride to the Prison on Robben Island, where our hero Nelson Mandela spent 27 years.
  11. Encounter Animals such as Kudu, Eland, Springbok and Baboons at Cap
    Nelson Mandela 2005, 2004 & the 20th century (...

    Image via Wikipedia

    e Point or Seals near the beaches and on Seal Island, a short boat ride away.

  12. Great Whales and Dolphins visit our shores regularly and are able to be seen all over the Peninsula. The town of Hermanus is renowned for Whale Watching and even has a Whale Crier announcing their arrival. We can sometimes see as many as 90 at a time in the bay there.
  13. Wonderful Restaurants and great Hotels and Guesthouses offering quality accommodation.
  14. The Fabulous People! – Capetonians are extremely friendly and helpful.
So go on! Why wait? Come and savour it for yourself. You may never want to leave…
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